5 reasons to get married in Rome

Wedding couple fineart walk outside Rome colosseum

Well, the thing is… that yesterday I was watching old but good Gladiator (2000). It is epic! I saw it few times but it still admires me. Especially because the action takes place in Rome – the so called Eternal city. Well, it seams this is true – inspiration is all around us, even in the movie you watched recently! So for today (after yesterday’s glorious story of Roman Gladiator) – the five reasons to get married in one of the most enchanting cities in the world.


1. Ideal place to celebrate Catholic wedding

I hope you are not going to ask why… Ha ha. Are you?? Well, as you know, Rome is the centre of Catholic religion and is literally stuffed with the most beautiful churches. There hundreds of them! And… you can even have your wedding ceremony at St Peter’s Basilica. On the other hand, this city offers three splendid venues for civil ceremony. As an alternative, you can choose get married somewhere nearby Rome. According Italian Wedding Planning company called ‘Romeo and Juliet’, near Rome, in fact, there are a few fantastic small medieval towns where you could celebrate a stunning civil service at a more convenient rate (because the wedding hall fees in Rome starts from Euro 1200 and that is quite expensive).

2. No need to stick to summer dates only

Thanks to its mild climate, Rome is perfect location for your big day during all seasons. For example, December is one of the coolest time of the year in Rome, but average temperature is about 10°C and you can still enjoy sunshine.

3. Perfect logistics

Rome is served by two international airports, several train stations and extensive motorway network. So it is obvious that you and your guests can easily travel from and to this cosmopolitan city.

4. Jaw-dropping wedding pictures

The Colosseum, The Pantheon, Roman Forum, The Capitoline Hill, Trajan’s Market, plenty of amazing piazzas, fountains, villas and antique statues… Which ancient site  are you going to choose for the ‘background’ of your big day’s pictures?

5. And last but not least – this breathtaking city is amazing place to enjoy fabulous honeymoon

So… You will definitely kill two birds with one stone! For the best time with your love you will have all in one: sunny and warm days, amazing food and drinks, beautiful views, stunning architecture, unique history, art and culture…


Bride in Rome


Fine art boho wedding walk in Rome italy park fountaine


Wedding couple in Rome

P.S. Did you know that Rome is the city of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers? Quite symbolic, isn’t it?

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