Which ring box are you going to choose in 2018?

Huh… HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I wish that 2018 for all of you would be the best year ever. Especially if you decided to get married, ha ha.

If you did that… have you already bought your love symbols? And where the h*ll you are going to keep them before ceremony?? Ok, though I clearly understand, that ring box is not the main attribute for the demonstration of real love, it is still good idea to have one. Why? It is all about the unity of style and the best photos as well, you know… The right background to emphasize uniqueness of the rings and unify separate decor details to one jaw drop-worthy wedding scenario.

So… Coming back to the topic, what trends are expected to be the most striking in 2018?

First off all, you probably already heard about the Ultra Violet thing (I mean, the new Pantone colour of the year). Well, just to clarify: I am not suggesting taking purple ring box. No, no. Maybe to be more subtle and just to put some lavenders into the nice wooden box? This would smell amazing and also would echo the New Year’s colour trend. Also woodsy look is also quite trendy at the moment, so you could kill two birds with one stone as well. Anyway, maybe is it really time for changes, what do you think? We were putting moss to our ring boxes for a while now, so it is just too much (oh, try to write ‘moss ring box’ to Google search window and you will get more than 2 millions results…). So, are you ready to give a try for these fragrant beauties?

Two gold wedding rings on purple flowers in old rustic wooden box for wedding ceremony. Wedding ring box. Pantone 2018 - ultra violet. Wedding trends 2018.

Photo:  © Andrii Oleksiienko – stock.adobe.com


Also… as already mentioned woodland wedding are quite popular and the greenery decor tendency from last year doesn’t seem to go anywhere, you could do another thing. Simply lie some green leaves to your perfect wooden (or not necessarily wooden) box. Easy-peasy!

Wedding rings from white gold in a wooden box filled with eucalyptus. Details and decor of rustic ceremony. Wedding trends 2018


Wedding ring box with some greenery. Wedding trends 2018.

Photos:  © demy89 – stock.adobe.com


If you don’t like rustic or woodsy look, another great option could be geometric metallics. Geometric forms like pentagon or hexagon are quite trendy at the moment, as well as copper and silver decor details. Also transparent elements seems to be very hot thing in upcoming season. Why not to pair those two: geometric metallics + transparency. Ta daaaa: super trendy ring box straight for your big day.

picture of man with glass decorated gift box and wedding ring. Wedding ring box trends 2018. Geometric metallics = transparent elements.

Photo:  © nataliakabliuk – stock.adobe.com


Huh… But what to do if you are not the biggest fan of ‘back to the wild’ look or minimalism and transparent geometric forms, ah? Well, I dare to offer… classy black ring boxes. According some specialist in the field, black accents is going to be a big trend this year. Have you seen the Spring bridal collection of Vera Wang?? Ahaaa, that’s what I am talking about! Anyway, black and white is very classic choice, isn’t it?

Wedding bouquet with creamy roses and white carnations and rings in the black box on a luxury sofa. Indoors. Artwork. Black wedding accents. Wedding trends 2018.

Photo:  © stakhov – stock.adobe.com

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