The spirit defies being broken

We are used to some animals in wedding photos: dogs, cats, pigeons and horses. But few days ago I saw some really amazing pictures with llamas. Then I decided to write about those animals who appears less often in photos of bride and groom. I’ve found some really beautiful shots with hedgehogs, owls, falcons, white rabbits, goats and even two camels! And then I discovered this stunning photoshoot. Yes, I know, horses are the classical option. But what I like the most about these photos is this deliciuos sense of freedom. Horses are walking freely, are not harnessed up. Just like those wild mustangs in the film ‘Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron’… Huh, classics with the spice of wildness are just what you need sometimes.

Have a good time watching! Stay wild and free!

Lovely wedding pair is posing together outside with horses


Attractive wedding couple is posing with horses

Love the contrast between white and black here so much! 


Tender wedding couple is posing with horses


Cute wedding couple is posing with horses


Stylish bride is posing alone with horses


Lovely wedding couple is posing on sunset

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