The story of driftwood centerpiece

Driftwood Centerpiece. Nautical wedding table decor. Beach wedding decor.

Something really amazing happened last week! We received an invitation to our friends wedding! And it (the invitation, of course) was sooo romantic. It was designed as a message in tiny bottle with some white sand and mini sea shells…

So… What I was going to talk about?? Oh yes.. I wanted to find and share with you some really beautiful but yet simple sea and sun inspired wedding decor idea. And look what I found… A driftwood centerpiece!! As you all know, driftwood is wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of an ocean, sea, lake, or river by the action of winds, tides or waves. And it looks amazing after the touch of mother nature!! And… it’s simply perfect when you are looking for something marine,especially for nautical or rustic themed wedding.

You can buy it, for example, on Etsy, but it’s quite expensive. Or you can spend some time on the beach and try to find your magnificent pieces of nature’s art. Oh, well, it seams, that you can even make some DIY driftwood by yourself. You can find a great tutorial here.

But now let’s get back to the sea and driftwood inspired wedding table. Amazing, right? And what I like the most about this decor are these wooden plates and cutlery!! Naturally beautiful.. Because it’s all that we sometimes need, right?


Driftwood centerpiece. Nautical wedding table. Beach wedding table.

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