A super simple trick how to make golden handwriting table cards

Hey there!

Today’s mood was like… to make something beautiful. So, I get some amazing dark green paper from local store and… here it is! My golden calligraphy table cards! Of course, with some hand dyed ribbon. But they looks nice even without them.

Hand written golden table cards
What about the trick mentioned in the title?? I’m not good at handwriting so I printed the names and simply contoured them with golden marker. Well, I used some transparency effect for letters because I wanted the print to hide more easily under golden ink. That’s all! Simple trick for those who have quite bad handwriting. Huh, you know, I always wandered, how those crafters can write so similar to computer fonts, ha ha.

Can you see it? The name is printed with transparency effect. Looks like written in pencil, right?

Hand written golden table cards

Ta daaam:

Hand written golden table cards

Also I have made some Thank You notes… How do they look like?

Hand written golden thank you notes

Have a nice Sunday! And stay green, huh..

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